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Vital technology skills on world leading tech learning platforms.

The Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet has partnered with two world-class learning Platform Providers: Pluralsight and O'Reilly Learning; to help meet the increased demands on company learning systems in an era of accelerated change.

Our Platform Providers go beyond training to deliver best-of-breed resources, across all learning modes, all in one place, all trackable by you, and all geared toward your successful transformation.

TechLEARN will help address the reskilling challenge, giving companies access to learning content immediately. 

With funding support from the Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet TechLEARN initiative, companies now have an immediate and low-cost option for their technology learning ecosystem.

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Through Pluralsight and O’Reilly Learning, TechLEARN learning platforms enable all of your staff to access thousands of courses and hundreds of learning paths, from foundation to advanced levels. Some of the topics covered are outlined below:

How TechLEARN can help your business

TechLEARN offers companies access to leading tech e-learning platforms to enable staff to learn new tech skills while on the job, keeping pace with rapid technological developments.
  • Skill up teams on the improvements and advancements in their current technology stack
  • Evaluate, learn and implement new technology
  • Measure your teams skills and validate growth
  • Assess team readiness and align right people to right projects
  • Track progress in real time
  • Customise learning to individual and team needs
  • Solve problems through just in time knowledge and information
  • Increase productivity for tasks and teams

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Up to 50% grant aid
for online digital skills
training platforms

Implementation and funding support from the Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet 

Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet funding enables your company to introduce TechLEARN platforms at greatly reduced prices.

Our TechLEARN support service will enhance your knowledge of learning technologies, provide support with implementation, keep you informed of best practice and help you to deliver business impact reports for your management teams.

Regular meet-ups of our TechLEARN company users will enable your L&D leaders to swop experience and learn from the digital learning journey of other companies. Platform advisors will also be on hand to demonstrate latest features and provide expertise.