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Postgraduate Diploma and MSc In Product Management

Are you ready to take your career to new heights and become a strategic leader in the world of innovation? Look no further than our comprehensive Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in Product Management.


Our programme is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and insights needed to develop your career in this fast-paced and ever-changing landscape.

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Programme Overview

Our participants embark on a transformative journey, where they learn not only from traditional classroom instruction but also through immersive experiences such as live case studies, visualisation techniques, and dynamic group exercises. By actively engaging with fellow participants from a diverse range of companies, they benefit from a collaborative environment that fosters the sharing of experiences and challenges.

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What sets our programme apart is the integration of company-based assignments into the coursework at both diploma and masters levels. This unique approach addresses the real-life challenges faced by product managers in their day-to-day roles, ensuring immediate applicability and a tangible return on investment for participating companies



 What Past Participants Say...


"The application of programme learning to live challenges in the work place delivered immediate benefits for me and my employer.
Among the many concepts that I was introduced to, business modelling and portfolio mapping were applied with great results."

Mark Hill, Vice President Product Management and Design, Kitman Labs


"A truly excellent course that has changed how I view product management, how I can use it every day and expand my horizons into the future.”

Ronan Cooney, Head of Product, Ambisense

"The Postgraduate diploma in Product Management is an extremely relevant qualification for those working in the product space or interested in getting into it. It is a well-rounded and highly valuable learning experience."
Ria Browne, Product Manager, HubSpot


Download Our Programme Brochure

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PM Brochure

Who should apply 

  • Practising Product Managers 
  • Aspiring Product Managers 
  • Product Owners and those from Engineering or Design Backgrounds 
  • Business Architects 
  • Entrepreneurs and Founders




Application and fees

Subsidised cost for working professionals is €4,950/year supported by Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet.

The programme is open to people:

  • in employment within enterprises

  • in companies based in the Republic of Ireland

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