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Masters Programme in Internet of Things (IoT)

 A Master's degree in IoT will give you the knowledge and skills you need to design, develop, and manage IoT systems. You will also learn about the latest technologies and trends in the IoT industry.


For companies developing IoT driven innovations this programme provides the specific multidisciplinary skills for your IoT engineers.


If you are interested in a career in the IoT, a Master's degree is the best way to prepare.

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Programme Overview

With IoT applications penetrating almost all spheres of our lives and almost all major companies investing in innovations in this domain, there is strong demand for IoT engineers who are competent in the design, development, management and support of IoT systems.

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Companies are seeking professionals who can harness the power of the IoT in sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, agriculture, and energy, to drive efficiency, improve productivity, and enhance customer experiences. 

Our part time Master's degree in IoT, enables experienced engineers to gain the multidisciplinary skills needed for the IoT domain.

This is a programme which is delivered part time for advancing professionals, who will work with their industry peers to apply the latest knowledge to real world projects.

Our alumni are a growing peer network of IoT professionals from companies like:



 What Past Participants Say...


"The lecturing was fantastic and the range of subjects was broad yet deep enough to push open a few doors. My day job is mostly Industrial Smart Manufacturing, so it was quite complimentary in some areas, and opened new avenues to me that I didn't know much about. In particular, I found the connected embedded systems course very interesting, and it has sparked my curiosity to look at opportunities linked to manufacturing in that area. I was delighted to have invested time and late nights to get it across the line.”


Brendan McArdle, Business Analyst, Trane Technologies


“There is so much value from the course. It provides core technical and theoretical competencies to understand the IoT landscape. It empowers you to have the ability to appreciate the business side of technology in identifying and developing ventures from ideas."

Swaleh Ramadhan, Fiber Planner QC, Indigo Telecom Group


"Excellent modules on connected embedded systems - and it is IoT in a nutshell. It encompasses the whole lot. It was very well lectured and very well delivered"

Fergal Brennen, Hardware Engineer with CathxOcean


Programme Details

The MSc in Electronic and Computer Technology (Internet of Things) is delivered in partnership with Dublin City University (DCU). 

  • Learn part time over 2 years at times suitable for full time professionals

  • Modules are delivered live online with occasional on-campus workshops 

  • Materials and learning support is provided through a customised online forum 

  • Presentations enable you to engage with IoT thought leaders and academic experts 

  • You will build a professional network of IoT peers 

  • Choose from a flexible suite of modules to fit your background and interests


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Who should apply 

The MSc in Electronic and Computer Technology (Internet of Things) is designed to meet the demand for a new kind of IT specialist and skills. The IoT domain offers a level playing field for professionals from Electronics, Electrical and Computer Engineering backgrounds.


If you want to advance your career in IoT as an IoT specialist, IoT Architect, IoT Consultant, IoT Developer, Industrial Data Scientist, or IoT Product Manager, this is a chance to be part of the rapidly growing IoT landscape.




Application and fees

Subsidised cost for working professionals is €2,770/year supported by Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet.The programme is open to people

  • in employment within enterprises

  • in companies based in the Republic of Ireland


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