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Women ReBOOT is an award-winning programme that supports women with tech sector skills and experience to return to work after a career break. 


Have you taken time out of the workplace due to caring responsibilities or other commitments? Are you looking to reignite your career in the IT sector? Our free women returner ReBOOT programme provides an on ramp for women coming back into the workplace.


We have trained over 200 women to date who now work with many blue chip companies such as DELL, Optum Technologies and Version 1. You can hear from one of our previous participants below.


If you previously worked in a tech role such as software developer, tester, QA, project manager, business analysis and/or hold a relevant IT qualification or have an interest in IT, we would love to hear from you.




Upcoming ReBOOT Dates 

Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet are happy to announce that the next ReBOOT programme will commence on 13 March 2013.

ReBOOT is a five week full time training programme followed by a paid twelve week work placement working in some of the top tech companies in Ireland. The programme is designed for women who have taken time out of their career in technology and are looking to get back into the workforce. The training is delivered virtually apart from  two in-person mornings in Dublin. 









Optum ReBOOT Innovation Pitch Event, June 2022
Optum ReBOOT Innovation Pitch Event, June 2022


 What does the programme involve?

The training programme is normally facilitated over a 5 week period on a full time basis. It is a combination of formal training, self-directed learning and participants are also provided with individual coaching sessions. 

The majority of the ReBOOT programme is currently delivered online via Zoom, with a couple of in-person events incorporated into the programme.

Each programme typically has 20 participants. For many previous participants, this is the beginning of their new professional network as they return to the workplace.

After the five weeks, participants begin a paid work placement with one of the participating companies for 12 weeks.  


Hear from Dipali Shukla, one of our Women ReBOOT participants 


Training Programme Content

The training over five weeks is a combination of professional skills and technical skills.

Professional Skills training: 

There are core sessions in the ReBOOT Professional Skills programme. It is divided into clearly themed sections, aimed to cover broadly the core competencies required for individuals returning to today’s workplace from a career break. The flow of the programme is as outlined here.

  • Self Management: Expectations and Learning Mindset:Growth mindset, Transferable Skills, Resilience and Setting yourself up for Success (self-awareness, self-accountability, values, time management and goal setting etc.)

  • Teamwork: Psychological safety & collaboration, Innovation framework and Influencing skills

  • Communication: Emotional Intelligence, Presentation skills (virtual and in-person), storytelling structures, inner critic and limiting beliefs

  • Preparing for today’s workplace: Navigating the new hybrid workplace, unconscious bias, LinkedIn, networking and mentoring

Technical Skills training: 


It is interactive training with participants working in pod teams.

Participants present in teams an innovative idea that showcases the skills and learnings from the course. It is an opportunity for the women to work and present together.

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Project Management Fundamentals  
  • Technical Architecture
  • Security Essentials
  • Cloud & Database Essentials
  • Digital Business Models  
  • GDPR & Data Protection
  • Current & Future IT landscape

Opportunity for continued learning:

In addition to online classroom based learning, participants have access to Pluralsight, an e-learning platform. This means participants can:

  • Access a wide range of courses 

  • Identify potential areas of interest, e.g., Project Management

  • Self-Study

  • Popular courses include:

    • Agile, Communication Skills, SQL, Data Literacy, Java Script, HTML, CSS, MS Azure




  1. I have submitted my application. What next?


Your CV  & application form will be reviewed within 3 working days and we will call you to review your application. 


  1. Who sees my CV? 


Your CV is reviewed by the Digital Skillnet team and participating companies. 


  1. How do I know if I have been successful? 


Having reviewed your CV and discussed your application with you all suitable applicants will have their CVs & application forms shared with participating companies and go through a selection process. If you are selected for interview by a participating company, Digital Skillnet will notify you. 


  1. What format do the interviews take? 


The interviews are between you and the company. In advance of the interview taking place the company will do an informal group interview preparation session with the potential participants. This normally takes the format of a short 30 minute Zoom session where they outline what to expect in the upcoming interview.  You will also be able to ask questions of the company at this stage.


The interview is to determine where it is best for you to do your work placement. 


Your interview will be organised directly by the company and will also be virtual. If you are successful and offered a work placement you will be allocated a place on ReBOOT. Unfortunately if you have not been successful with a work placement then we will not be able to offer you a place on ReBOOT. We would encourage you to apply again though to a later programme. 


  1. I was not successful at interview, what happens next? 


Unfortunately we will not be able to offer you a place on ReBOOT however that is not the end! We endeavour to get useful, actionable feedback for all participants who have taken part in the process. In the past women who have not secured a work placement on one programme often go on to secure one on a later programme. We are here to support you in your journey back to tech and will do our best to help you. 


  1. I have been successful at interview, what next


Congratulations! The Digital Skillnet team will get working on onboarding you onto the upcoming ReBOOT programme.


  1. What is the deadline for applications? 


The deadline to apply is the 08 February 2023.



  1. When does the ReBOOT programme start? 

The ReBOOT programme starts on 13 March 2023


  1. Who are the participating companies? 


We are delighted to say that many of the best and most innovative companies in Ireland take part in ReBOOT. Previous participating companies include WorkHuman, Dell, Optum Technology, Bank of Ireland & FINEOS. This upcoming ReBOOT will involve work placements at Bearing Point Technologies, Guidewire Software, the ESB, Storm Technologies, Bank of Ireland, JPM Chase and Aon etc. We are onboarding participating companies all the time and expecting more to be announced over the upcoming weeks. 


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