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Women ReBOOT is an award-winning national tech sector initiative for experienced and qualified ICT women who have taken a career break and now want to reignite their Tech career. 
We support women seeking to return to the tech sector to develop the skills, competence and confidence to re-engage with technology businesses. Our partners are leading tech companies keen to connect with talented women for open roles. 

We are delighted to announce the launch of our May 2022 Women ReBOOT programme. This is open to Women with IT qualifications and experience who are ready to return following a career break. 



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Hear from the Women ReBOOT LIVE participants in 2021 talk about their experience on the programme

Áine Darling had not worked in a tech role for over 25 years when she decided to enrol for the Women ReBOOT programme. The computer science graduate had accumulated ten years IT experience working on three continents in the airline/travel sector when she decided to step away from her career.


“I gave up work in 1995 when I had my first child and stayed home to be a full-time mum to my now four adult children,” she says. “My technical education didn’t begin again until I did a Higher Diploma in Data Analytics from which I graduated in February 2021. I did counselling and psychotherapy work in the interim, but it wasn’t at all in the technical field.”


Indeed, the decision to return to the tech field was reached during a career break from her work in counselling and psychotherapy. “I had taken a two-year accreditation pause and when it came time to evaluate the decision, I was not drawn back into it,” she says. “I didn’t feel it. Instead, I wanted to get back to my original career.”


Women ReBOOT helped to make that goal a reality after Áine achieved first class honours in a Higher Diploma in Data Analytics with the National College of Ireland. “The way I see it, the higher diploma equipped me technically to step back into things and Women ReBOOT probably gave me the confidence piece that I needed,” she says.


The Wexford native, who has lived in Dublin for 25 years, said her experience of the programme was very positive. “The content was excellent – it clearly was condensed and concise given only a month to cover such a wide range of things, but it was really excellent,” she says. “The delivery was excellent and the people involved were excellent.”


“One of the things that really stood out in my mind was these sessions called Lunch and Learn where senior people or founders of companies described their company, how it began and how it evolved. Then very often they would have women who went to work for the company from a ReBOOT programme share their stories and describe how their lives have changed as a result. I found those really beneficial.”


Áine succeeded in getting a placement with AIB, and she said it was a hugely important part of the programme. “You really got to put things into action and consolidate all the learning. I thought that was really important,” she says.

Now finished her placement, she is about to take up a permanent role in the ICT department of a government agency.

For anyone considering doing Women ReBOOT, Áine has useful advice. “I very much recommend it but make sure you are prepared to commit because it is quite intensive,” she says.







Photos from Women ReBOOT Dublin Autumn 2017 Graduation, 12 July 2018. Presentation of certificates by Minister of State for Equality, David Stanton, TD.