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Our ReBOOT Programme

  • Have you taken time out of the workplace due to caring responsibilities or other commitments?

  • Are you ready to reignite your career in the digital technology sector?

  • Have you previously worked in a tech role such as software developer, tester, QA, project manager, business analyst, cyber security specialist or data analyst?

  • Do you hold a technology or related qualification?

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The Women ReBOOT programme is designed for women who have taken time out of their career in technology and are now ready to re-ignite their careers in a unique supportive environment.

What does the programme involve?

We provide a wide range of support for your re-entry journey. Training and coaching will hone your skills and bring you up to date with technologies. Professional skills will boost your confidence. We will help you plan for your future and understand what companies are looking for in the technology sector.

The technology sector changes rapidly so you will understand the most up-to-date disruptive technologies and trends. We cover specific technical skills, working with data, development practices, agile sprints, design thinking, and commerical awareness. You will understand disruptive technologies and how they will affect the future workforce and you will develop innovation projects working in groups to demonstrate your unique skills and competencies to emploayers.

Throughout this process we will help you hone your personal skills to thrive in the workplace. You will be supported by a dedicated team of coaches, programme managers, company mentors and your peer group who share your hopes and aspirations. 

Women ReBOOT is the longest running programme for the tech sector supported by over 60 host companies, 95% of our women returner graduates attain new accelerated careers through our unique approach.

  • Group seminars

  • Technology training

  • Tech sector updates

  • 'Lunch and learns' with company experts

  • Individual and group coaching

  • Peer support

  • Confidence building and professional skills

  • Business acumen and presenting yourself effectively

  • Group projects to demostrate your unique strengths

  • Access to paid workplacements in over 60 host companies

  • Progression to sustainable jobs 

How does it work?

Women ReBOOT is normally facilitated over a 5 week period on a full time basis. It is a combination of formal training, self-directed learning and participants are also provided with individual coaching sessions. 

The majority of the ReBOOT programme is currently delivered online via Zoom, with a couple of in-person events incorporated into the programme.

After the training and coaching process, participants begin a paid work placement with one of our host companies for 12 weeks.  


Professional Skills Training 

There are core sessions in the ReBOOT Professional Skills programme. It is divided into clearly themed sections, aimed to cover broadly the core competencies required for individuals returning to today’s workplace from a career break. The flow of the programme is as outlined here.

  • Self Management: Expectations and Learning Mindset:Growth mindset, Transferable Skills, Resilience and Setting yourself up for Success (self-awareness, self-accountability, values, time management and goal setting etc.)

  • Teamwork: Psychological safety & collaboration, Innovation framework and Influencing skills

  • Communication: Emotional Intelligence, Presentation skills (virtual and in-person), storytelling structures, inner critic and limiting beliefs

  • Preparing for today’s workplace: Navigating the new hybrid workplace, unconscious bias, LinkedIn, networking and mentoring

Technical Skills Training 

It is interactive training with participants working in pod teams.

Participants present in teams an innovative idea that showcases the skills and learnings from the course. It is an opportunity for the women to work and present together.


  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  • Project Management Fundamentals  

  • Technical Architecture

  • Security Essentials

  • Cloud & Database Essentials

  • Digital Business Models  

  • GDPR & Data Protection

  • Current & Future IT landscape


Pictures from the Launch of our Recent ReBOOT Programme 

Launch of ReBOOT Programme

Launch of ReBOOT Programme 2

Launch of ReBOOT Programme 3
Launch of ReBOOT Programme 4

Launch of ReBOOT Programme 5

Launch of ReBOOT Programme 6