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TRANSFORM for Sport Organisations and Sportstech Companies

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Take a Step Forward With our Award Winning TRANSFORM PROGRAMME

The TRANSFORM for Sport Programme helps to develop new ways of thinking, boost your digital capabilities, and learn to deliver sustainable change.

TRANSFORM is delivered as an in-house programme for your organisation.


Building on the success TRANSFORM this programme is customised to the needs of Irish sporting organisations to guide their teams toward creative, viable solutions to technological and workforce change, whilst also fostering a culture of innovation.

The programme is devlvered by top technology and leadership trainers and is accredited by Technological University Dublin. Partcipants qualify with a CPD Diploma in Digital Transformation and Innovation.

Organisations recieve grant aid from the Digital Skillnet to defray the programme costs.

To find out how we can help your organisation:

Contact us at sportstech@digitalskillnet.

New Features for SportsTech and Sports Organisations

  • Programme content augmented with new Generative AI  materials and activities
  • Combining digital success stories and case-studies from the sports sector, exploring how organisations are employing digital platforms to engage with members, automate key processes and cope with huge volumes of real-time data
  • Incorporating a Digital Maturity Assessment and a Digital Action Planner
  • Data Analytics modules centred on real-world Irish sporting datasets and scenarios
  • Digital Innovation project briefing redesigned for the Irish Sports sector.

Programme Outcomes

For Sports Organisations

  • Understand what is required to become a digital sporting organisation
  • Measure your organisation’s level of digital maturity and develop a Digital Success Plan
  • Be able to relate disruptive technologies and business models to your organisation
  • Understand how other sporting organisations are employing digital platforms to enhance organisational performance and member engagement
  • Develop a plan to enhance innovation capabilities with your colleagues and stakeholders
  • Implement culture of continuous digital improvement
  • Pilot practical applications of digital transformation through innovation projects

For Staff

  • Follow a structured pathway to attaining new digital and innovation skills
  • Understand how your peers are applying digital technologies in their roles and their organisations
  • Understand the “digital first” mindset needed to undertake a digital transformation journey
  • Achieve a professional qualification in digital transformation
  • Be able to drive and influence the digital strategy in your sporting organisation
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