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A digital workforce is no longer an option, as many small and medium sized businesses now need to accelerate digital capability with new tech skills to transform their business.


Led by Technology Ireland’s DIGITAL Skillnet, TechLEARN SME will provide access to the world’s leading tech skills platforms - Pluralsight and O'Reilly Learning – free for Irish small businesses.

Free access to thousands of tech and professional skills courses for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

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How will TechLEARN help my company?


The responsive online learning platforms are customised to existing skill levels, job roles and technology areas. Whether staff are at foundational, intermediate or advanced tech skills levels, the extensive content on TechLEARN platforms will enhance competence.

They also provide project management, people management, digital marketing and professional skills paths, to integrate tech skills with new work skills for the future.

Digital will be the new normal, as services and business models are re-invented to embrace the accelerated digitisation of business operations, marketing and sales, HR and supply chains.

The Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet already has over 1500 staff already learning on its TechLEARN platforms – at a time that suits their schedules, on whatever interface is best for them, at their own pace.

Recognising that many companies have staff on furlough, short time working hours or who need to develop skills in new technologies, this is the time to upskill staff, develop new technology competence, support staff development or re-deployment and protect future careers.

This initiative is in partnership with Technology Ireland, the sector body for the tech sector in Ireland, and is funded by Skillnet Ireland.



Our online digital tech skills platforms offer an extensive range of courses including:



What are the key features and benefits of our TechLEARN SME platforms?

As people learn in different ways, both of our TechLEARN SME partners offer a range of learning formats as well as options for all levels of digital capability - beginner, expert, or somewhere in between.


Provides teams and businesses with expert-created and curated information covering all the areas that will shape our future—including artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud technologies, data analytics, UX design, finance, leadership, personnel development and more - in every format your team needs. 


Users can also “learn by doing” with the interactive learning feature through Katacoda – applying technical skills in real-world situations. 



The technology skills platform aimed at aligning your technology strategy to a skills development strategy that moves your company forward faster.

Access the expertise of their network of over 1500 expert authors teaching the latest technologies and processes, such as cloud, microservices, machine learning, security and Agile. Index the tech skills of your organisation using Skill IQ, and build fluid teams that meet objectives with skills analytics.


Hear Sarah McGowan from eShopWorld discuss how they are using TechLEARN platform Pluralsight for their training needs.