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Stories from our Alumni

Hear Women ReBOOT and TechLEARN alumni tell of their experience on the programme, the challenges they overcome and what it's like to step back into the tech sector.

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"My confidence grew from day to day. I learned to own my gap... I learned not to fear the dreaded CV, LinkedIn or Interviews. I became familiar with the current industry practices, and especially the jargon... At the end of the course. I felt energised!"

Mairead Flanagan, Women ReBOOT Alumni

"I am immensely grateful to be able to get back to work through opportunities provided by the program. I want to sincerely thank you all for all the guidence and mentoring that I recieved from it. Thank you for showing faith and confidence in us and for your relentless efforts in engaging with companies to work with returners even during these difficult times."

Anoja Mitra, Women ReBOOT Alumni


"It's a fantastic experience there is so much support available on Women ReBOOT. If you're thinking of joining the programme, take the plunge and go for it."

Deirdre Noonan, Women ReBOOT Alumi


Catherine Linehan, TechStart Alumni

Susan Healy, TechStart Alumni

Linda Browne, Microsoft


Andrea Crofts, Mastercard

Amanda Evans, Detalex