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What our participants say

A truly worthwhile program that helps you learn about the interaction of technical and transversal skills that are needed in today's workplace to prepare for the future.

Great collaboration with other team members. Information sharing is a great asset. Capstone project was extremely enjoyable, took everyone outside their comfort zone, great debates took place and a very impactful applied innovation project was delivered as a result.

It fed my appetite for lifelong learning even at mid/late career.


It made me more fluent in emerging technology especially blockchain and cloud, and I now have confidence and presence with all of the technologists on my team.


TRANSFORM was a real eye opener for me. I have been persuading all my peers and team to join so that my team can lead fascinating projects out of it


A fantastic experience.


The TRANSFORM programme gives you the opportunity to learn about new and emerging technologies that will help you to be more efficient in your role.


The Transform Programme is a wonderful opportunity to give context to your day to day role and how to better understand and apply emerging technologies. As I have been out of the education arena for some years, it is an excellent opportunity to prepare for the future.


Transform made what I considered challenging subjects e.g Cloud, Blockchain, AR/VR exciting. I now approach this with a completely different mindset.


Very positive experience with all relevant content presented for my role as leader working with our supply chain team for the future.



I have not done any courses since I finished college. It was great to learn about future technologies, how to apply them, how the new digital world will change my role.

TRANSFORM was one of my best learning experience ever.


Great opportunity to come together with colleagues across different business units and companies to better prepare for the future.


The TRANSFORM programme affords an opportunity to become digitally forward looking and strategic

initiative. The programme content helps to develop critical faculties which will be essential for the adoption of future technologies in our next generation workplace.


A thoroughly enjoyable challenging and rewarding and has enabled me to develop my technical capabilities which has increased productivity in my current role and deriving benefits from developing deeper relationships with my customers.


Far surpassed all my expectations and I think the Capstone is a brilliant exercise to solidify the learnings into a practical tangible initiative to deliver value to back to the company.


A great development opportunity for leaders in Ireland, it won't be very smart to miss.