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Postgraduate in Product Management - Frequently Asked Questions

Postgraduate in Product Management - Frequently Asked Questions

Postgraduate Diploma in Product Management 

A TU DUBLIN programme in association with the Digital Skillnet

Who is eligible for part-funded fees?

Funding is available to professionals working in the technology and related sectors. To avail of support, participants must be employed by companies registered in the Republic of Ireland. Participants who meet other criteria (e.g. companies registered outside the state)can take part in the programme at full fees. Participants will receive an offer of a subsidised place on the programme, at the point of acceptance to the programme. To check individual eligibility for part-funded fees, contact Digital Skillnet.


Is the programme open to anyone?

The programme is designed for professionals with a number of years’ experience in the field and who are currently employed in the sector. To carry out the necessary practice-based assignments, participants should be currently working in companies with the scale and scope to provide reference points for participant assignments.


What is the basis of assessment for the course -are there exams (if so when) or is it continuous assessment submission?

The programme learning outcomes are achieved through continuous assessment (CA). There are no exams. The CA for the postgraduate diploma will be 60-70% practice based with the remainder theory-based.

What is the course workload? What is the typical time commitment required?

Programme participants are advised to set aside 100 hours per module for pre-reading and completion of assessment (ie 10-12 hours per week). In some cases, the applied aspects of the assignment will constitute part of the ’day’ job. For individual students the actual time to achieve the learning outcomes will vary.


Are there in-company projects?  Specifically, is there a requirement to do a project based on my company context

Each assessment will involve 60-70% application to the company context. The nature of application to the company context will be devised by participants within their own company context.

What happens if I am out of the country for one of the 2 day group based modules?

This is possible for a maximum of one module. However to receive the Postgraduate award participants must discuss this eventuality in advance with the Programme Director, and agree a suitable alternative learning path.


What is the timetable of classroom based dates for 2022-23?

The final timetable will be circulated to everyone who has expressed an interest in the programme as soon as it is available. 


Does my company have to pay the programme fee or can I pay for the programme personally?

Support for fees from your employer will depend on your individual situation. In most cases your company will pay susidised programme fees to the Digital Skillnet. However students can pay subsidised fees directly to the Digital Skillnet with prior approval. In this case a short letter/email of support will be required from your employer.