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Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Analytics, Technology And Innovation


To support innovation in the SportsTech industry the Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet has co-created the first international Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Sports Analytics, Technology and Innovation, in partnership with TU Dublin and SportsTech Ireland. 


This groundbreaking programme is the first to embrace the intersection of Sport and Technology. It will equip you and your organisation with a thorough understanding of the sports technology and sports analytics landscape and how best to leverage it.

This is a programme for experienced professionals working in technology or commercial sportstech functions, or areas adjacent to the Sportstech domain.

It is tailored for executives, business leaders, data professionals, sports management professionals, decision-makers in sports-related enterprises, and stakeholders and will create a unique international community of practice across the SportsTech verticals which are primed for accelerated growth.



We are pleased to announce that we are providing 50% funding towards programme fees in 2024 (the first year of the programme).




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