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Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Analytics, Technology And Innovation

About the Programme

Announcing our New Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Analytics, Technology and Innovation.....

Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet has co-created the first international Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Sports Analytics, Technology and Innovation, in partnership with Technological University Dublin and SportsTech Ireland

This groundbreaking programme is the first to embrace the intersection of Sport and Technology. It will equip you and your organisation with a thorough understanding of the sports technology and sports analytics landscape and how best to leverage it

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The programme is delivered over 12 months with a part-time curriculum to suit busy full-time professionals.
We are supporting the SportsTech sector by creating an international community of practice across the SportsTech verticals which are primed for accelerated growth.


Participants on the programme will gain a unique senior support network of peers and international leaders in Sports Technology. This is a special opportunity to build your professional network, gain cutting edge insights and stay at the forefront of accelerated SportsTech development.

We are pleased to announce that we are providing 50% funding towards programme fees in 2024 (the first year of the programme).





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Who would benefit from this programme?

This is a programme for experienced professionals with a number of year experience working in technology or commercial sportstech functions, or areas adjacent to the Sportstech domain.

  • A business, product or commercialization professional working in one of the SportsTech domains
  • A data analytics or technology professional interested in a next-stage career in the global phenomenon that is sports tech innovation
  • A business professional already working in, or interested in, a role in development, analysis, management or consultancy in sports, digital or sports media
  • A leader in a SportTech company or a Sporting organisation who is interested in engaging with the wider sports business landscape and developing innovative solutions to real-world challenges
  • A former athlete, pro, or coach who is an entrepreneur or wants to expand their expertise by understanding the technologies and innovation driving the future of sports.

"When people hear the words sports data and analytics, they normally picture heart rate monitors and match day stats. The reality is that for every pitchside analyst, there are 2 or 3 times more looking at commercial data and fan behaviour trends."

Grainne Barry, SVP Stats Perform, Co-Founder SportsTech Ireland

How to apply:

For further details on fees and how to apply, programme costs and dates please contact:

See Programme Brochure for Detailed Programme Content.


Programme Commences April 2024 - Course Now Fully Subscribed!

SportsTECH Ecosystem

What will you gain?

The programme development has been led by a partnership of thought leaders from the Sports and Technology sectors with over 80 companies in Ireland already leading the established Sportstech cluster in Ireland. The faculty combines experts from sports science, technology, business and data science education, and has an unrivalled international adjunct faculty of consultants and experts from highly developed SportsTech markets.


Cutting edge skills in:

  • Digital transformation in the business of sport
  • Data for performance
  • Innovation and harnessing Sports Technology
  • A dynamic SportsTech peer network
  • Access to international expertise and insight
  • A Unique understanding of the sportstech domain