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Data Skills Framework takes centre stage at Analytics Summit

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The new Data Skills Framework for Business, created by the Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet and the Analytics Institute, took centre stage at the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) in November. 

The national Framework will provide a range of new pathways to enable organisations to rapidly develop data skills, from foundation to leadership levels. 


Companies that wish to participate in the new framework will be co-funded by the Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet to help them rapidly develop cross-organisational data skills at scale.

Data science and analytics are at the heart of the digital transformation of organisations, processes and technologies. Data skills and competencies will enable companies small and large to survive and thrive. 

Data literacy is the ability to read, interpret and communicate about data in context, then critically assess it to transform numbers into actionable insights. 


The Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet believes data literacy leads to better results on every level. It says: “Our partnership with the Analytics Institute brings a new suite of practical, applied data skills to all sectors and business professionals”.


In a tight labour market for data scientists, smart organisations are increasingly investing in internal training for their own staff, deploying automated tools, and utilising automation with no code analytics. The new Data Skills Framework provides a new change-making opportunity for Irish companies 

“The current demand for skilled staff in Analytics and AI is phenomenal. Our member companies are finding it really challenging to fill critical roles. We are delighted that Digital Skillnet is partnering with us to help us meet this challenge. Our new Data Analytics Skills Framework covers data skills both from a business and a technical perspective,” said Lorcan Malone, Chief Executive of the Analytics Institute.


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