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Applications flow for first intake of ‘Digital Athlete’

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Through a new collaboration between Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet and SportsTech Ireland, an exciting new career pathway into the industry has been created.

The ‘Digital Athlete’ programme will help people build careers in the country’s growing number of sports technology companies.

On completion of the programme, participants will achieve a recognised data analytics accreditation and a mentored work placement in a sports tech company in Ireland.

Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet believes the pathway is ideal for people who enjoy sport and have a digital mindset, and that applicants don’t necessarily need deep technology knowledge. 

Maire Hunt, Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet Network Director, said the programme would suit people who love sport and are open to developing new digital skills in a rich and dynamic environment which provides active involvement with SportsTech companies.

The growth of the sector is notable, bringing many new career opportunities to Ireland.  



The Global SportsTech Market was valued at $17.9bn in 2021 and is projected to grow to $41bn by 2026.

Maire added: “Through the Digital Athlete programme, sports enthusiasts can now fully participate in the digital revolution. With the right interests and mindset, our expert group of tutors and mentors will provide the skills in data analysis and innovation, familiarisation with the different areas within SportsTech, interaction with SportsTech company leaders and an opportunity to see what it’s like actually working in a SportsTech company.

Sports tech companies work across IoT, sports performance, data analytics, broadcast, wearable tech, fan engagement, e-sports and sports ecommerce. The Global SportsTech Market was valued at $17.9bn in 2021 and is projected to grow to $41bn by 2026.  The sub-sector of the Sports Data Analytics market is predicted to reach almost $6bn by 2026. With companies like Stats Perform, Orecco, Kitman Labs, DraftKings, Fitbit, Strava all based here, Ireland is now recognised as a global centre of excellence.

Stats Perform is among the companies supporting the programme, whose first intake is aimed at women. Grainne Barry, SVP Operations, Stats Perform said: “Digital Athletes provides an opportunity for us to work with new talent identification and development initiatives. It enables Sports Tech companies to participate in the development of skill sets needed for the industry as it embraces digital transformation and the evolution of fan engagement” 


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SportsTech Ireland is a not-for-profit initiative committed to the development of the sports technology industry in Ireland. SportsTech Ireland launched in 2017 with the aim of championing a new industry for Ireland in the field of sports innovation and technology. Its purpose is to represent and drive growth in the industry in Ireland through deep domain expertise, a national and international network and a focus on innovation at the intersection of technology and sport.