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Generative AI Masterclass Launch with London Business School

More than 30 senior Irish business leaders have gathered in Dublin this week to discuss the opportunities and challenges posed by Generative AI technology and to assess how companies and organisations can unlock its value.
Published on 15 July 2024
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Federation of Irish Sport Welcomes Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet as Proud Sponsor of ‘Best Sports Business of the Year Award’ 2024

The Federation of Irish Sport is thrilled to announce a partnership with Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet, who will sponsor the award for ‘Best Sports Business of the Year’, at the 2024 Irish Sport Industry Awards. This award recognises sustained excellence by an established sport business on the island of Ireland that has delivered innovation, growth and leadership in the industry.
Published on 29 April 2024
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Data Professional Certificate Graduation 2024

Congratulations to the graduates from Musgrave on completion of their Data Professional certification, as part of the Data Skills Framework, in partnership with The Analytics Institute of Ireland.
Published on 17 April 2024
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Goal! New programme launched to drive development of Ireland’ sportstech skills and talent

Ireland’s first Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Analytics, Technology and Innovation. Organisations including Epic Global, FAI, Flutter, Stats Perform and World Rugby are among first participants
Published on 06 March 2024
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Digital Athlete Graduation 2023

Just recently, our latest cohort of women graduated from the ‘Digital Athlete’ programme, in collaboration with SportsTech Ireland, received their certification at the Sport Ireland Sport Innovation and Technology Summit.
Published on 11 December 2023
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Guidewire Software has opened Doors for Women Returners

In collaboration with Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet, Guidewire Software has opened doors for women returners, empowering them to reignite their career journeys.
Published on 06 December 2023
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First ‘Digital Athlete’ graduates set for a career in sports tech

20 women graduated from Ireland’s first ‘Digital Athlete’ programme to help people build careers in the country’s growing number of sports technology companies.
Published on 30 March 2023
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Building Ireland’s digital skills capacity in 2023

It seems fitting here at Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet that we are ending a busy year with the rollout of our new career pathway for the Sportstech sector called ‘Digital Athlete’.
Published on 09 December 2022
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Data Skills Framework takes centre stage at Analytics Summit

The new Data Skills Framework for Business, created by the Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet and the Analytics Institute, took centre stage at the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) in November.
Published on 06 December 2022
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TRANSFORM powering digital transformation in 2023

Delivering digital transformation through organisational change, strategy, technology and innovation is one of the great challenges of the future, That’s why TRANSFORM remains one of the most important programmes from Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet - as it offers businesses and participants a range of very valuable benefits.
Published on 06 December 2022
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