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Join over 40 top technology companies supporting Women ReBOOT, including:

Some of our Women ReBOOT partner companies

Becoming a ReBOOT sponsor company

Companies can sponsor Women ReBOOT in a variety of ways:

  • Providing guidance on the strategy and activities of Women ReBOOT;
  • Offering one or more paid work placements of 8 weeks’ duration;
  • Mentoring Women ReBOOT participants;
  • Providing facilities for Women ReBOOT seminars;
  • Hosting workshops or webinars on tech sector topics;
  • Providing guest speakers and industry experts for Women ReBOOT events;
  • Introducing ReBOOT participants to roles and opportunities within your organisation;
  • Collaborating with Women ReBOOT on joint events;
  • Raising awareness about ReBOOT within your networks and contributing to programme marketing.

What are the benefits to my company?

Being a Women ReBOOT sponsor company brings many benefits, including

  • access to a new and growing pool of talent with diverse competencies, primed specifically to return to tech,

  • assisting the achievement of gender balance and workplace diversity,

  • adopting a successful returner model,

  • enhanced reputation as great places for women to work,

  • opportunity to introduce potential staff through work placements, to gauge suitability and fit in the real work environment before committing,

  • achieving media and industry profile as organisations making a real contribution to diversity.

How does our company get involved?

Email us at