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Conference Full! SoftTest Conference 2016 - Adapting and Innovating for change

Thursday 13th October 2016
9.30am to 5pm
Hilton Hotel, Charlemont Place, Dublin 2
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  • Finally... Reliable Software! - Bryan Bakker, Sioux Embedded Systems
  • Automated Test Execution on the Cloud  - Fergal Hynes, Expert Software Test
  • Agile Maturity and the Quality custody-battle - Eithne O\'Grady, HP
  • The Agile Testing at Scale Journey in Ericsson OSS Development - John Coogan, Ericsson
  • Living the dream - how you can lead successful change - Amy Phillips, Songkick
  • Selenium Web Driver using Java - Kiran Puram, Test Triangle - Requirements: Laptop - Maximum number of attendees: 15
  • Test flow: Improve yourself with mental training - Ard Kramer, Alten
  • A Testing Journey to Security  - Declan O’Riordan
  • BDD Workshop - Steve Tooke, Cucumber Ltd.
  • Test better using mobile analytics  - Julian Harty

Finally... Reliable Software!

Bryan Bakker, Sioux Embedded Systems

Do you get annoyed with unreliable software? Your favourite app crashes, or you can’t check your bank balance online. But what if a loved one was about to be fitted with a pacemaker, where unreliable operation could have serious life-threatening consequences? Then reliability is no longer an inconvenience but a critical attribute of the software.

As our software becomes larger, more complex and more interconnected every day, successfully managing reliability of our products increasingly influences customer satisfaction and business success. Although theoretical information is available, it is still hard to find practical guidance and industry experiences.​

In this presentation, a four step approach is explained which is largely based on the work of John Musa. With this four step approach it is possible to focus on crucial aspects of how to handle the complex matter of software reliability in your projects.


Bryan is a Test Architect at Sioux Embedded Systems ( After receiving his master’s degree in computer science in 1998 Bryan has worked as software engineer on different technical systems.

Since 2002 Bryan has specialized in testing of embedded software in multidisciplinary environments. He focuses on test automation, reliability testing and design for testability. Bryan is also a tutor of several different test related courses and a frequent speaker at international conferences.

Fergal Hynes

Automated Test Execution on the Cloud

Fergal Hynes, Expert Software Test

Solid test automation framework architecture is a key aspect in delivering successful test execution. Organisations must invest time in developing appropriate automation frameworks if they expect robust test execution. Once the framework architecture is right, there are a number of reasons why deploying the framework on the cloud may be appropriate.

This presentation will outline real world experiences of deploying and using enterprise level functional and non-functional test execution frameworks on the cloud and covers the main business, technical and cultural advantages and disadvantages.


Fergal is the Director of Expert Software Test, an Irish company providing software test automation services to the software development industry.

An Electronic Engineering graduate of NUIG, Fergal has 22 years of commercial software testing experience at all levels, technical and management and is particularly interested in effective, fit for purpose test automation.

Agile Maturity and the Quality custody-battle

Eithne O\'Grady, HP


“Quality is not an act, it is a habit” – Aristotle (384BC – 322BC)

In an ongoing bid for faster, high business value, high quality delivery, we took the next step on our 3 year Agile Transformation journey and disbanded the QA team.

In this presentation, we’ll take you through our journey – the good, the bad and the ultimate destination. There are plenty of reference guides / reading material available discussing all aspects of DevOps, Agile Transformation, Continuous Delivery, etc. but implementing the theory practically across an organisation of circa 400 people distributed globally, and working on a complex enterprise solution is not something that you will find easily in a step by step guide.

In this talk, I walk through our approach from the QA perspective – from changing roles for the global teams through to what to do with those 3000 manual testscripts that you’ve accumulated! We also managed this transformation under the SAFE model we use as our development and delivery model. I hope you’ll find it insightful as we share what worked well and also what we found challenging over the last year.


Since joining the Hewlett Packard Technology Services R&D organization in June in 2012, Eithne has worked primarily in the QA group, providing program management governance over multiple releases. She is actively involved in leading the organization\'s current DevOps transition towards Continuous Delivery. Eithne has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, working for leading technology companies such as Dell Technologies, Ericsson, Vodafone and Perot Systems before joining Hewlett Packard in 2012. She holds a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Computing from University of Limerick and a Diploma in Project Management from University of Limerick.

The Agile Testing at Scale Journey in Ericsson OSS Development

John Coogan, Ericsson


The presentation will outline the experiences in evolving our agile strategy, automation and test roles in the OSS development unit in Athlone.  The challenges faced with management of large scale development and testing, putting quality first and delivering valuable content often to the customer will be discussed.


Throughout his career in Ericsson John has worked as an engineer, analyst, strategist, line manager and project manager.  Regardless of the role test has always been at the centre of John’s focus. He has developed testing strategies for major Ericsson product releases, implemented new company wide process initiatives and introduced new test activities with a strong focus on the end customer. 

More recently John has been driving the evolution of agile testing as part of the ENM agile program in the Ericsson Athlone organisation.

“Living the Dream”


 Amy Phillips, Songkick


Do you look around you and dream of something different? Do you wish that your team moved faster, more carefully, slower, or just differently? Do you ever sit and wonder if there can’t be a better way? 

When Songkick reached the point of having code that was so difficult to work with, and release processes that were so cautious that we couldn’t release anything without weeks of fighting, we knew something had to change. 

It turned out that realising this was the easy part. 

Over the next 18 months we worked to transform our monolithic codebase into a Service-Oriented Architecture. We went from slow, signed-off at every stage to fast, continuously deployed releases. As we embarked on our transformation it became increasingly clear that changing technology is the easy part of bringing about change. 

This talk will take a closer look at how we created a vision. The steps we took to bring the whole team into the plan, and how we went about the 18 month-long journey to reach our dream state. 


Amy Phillips is Head of Delivery at Songkick, the biggest independent concert site in the world. She has been testing software for over 10 years at a variety of companies including The Guardian and Yahoo! Starting out she was engulfed by Master Test Plans and Requirements Traceability Matrices, moving to Agile user stories and sprints brought freedom and a love of testing. More recently Amy has been helping teams succeed in a Continuous Deployment environment.


Amy is co-facilitator of Weekend Testing Europe, blogs at She can be found on Twitter @itjustbroke

Workshop: Selenium Web Driver using Java

Kiran Puram, Test Triangle

Requirements: Laptop

Maximum number of attendees: 15


Selenium Web Driver is the most widely-used open source tool for building test automation for web applications. Introducing Automation into the workflow will allow the testers to do frequent regression testing and increases the speed at which tests are executed. Web Driver provides an organized and object-oriented API used to automate dynamic web pages. Selenium supports test execution on multiple browser platforms. This topic will touch the basics of using the Web Driver API to develop selenium scripts using Java to automate Web Application Testing.   

This workshop covers automating web-based applications using Selenium Web Driver & Java.


Topics covered:

  • Installation and setup of Java on participant\'s laptop
  • Set up Web Driver project in Eclipse
  • Keyboard Events
  • Mouse Events: Mouse hovering
  • Data-driven framework using MS Excel
  • Handling various tabs, pop-ups, alerts and confirmation windows
  • Handling drop-downs

Kiran Puram is an Automation Engineer with Test Triangle. Kiran has experience in automating web-based applications using Selenium Web Driver & Silk Test. Test Triangle is a leading Independent testing company providing end-to-end application testing services to global clients.

Test flow: Improve yourself with mental training 

Ard Kramer, Alten

Your performance is a combination of a broad range of capabilities, such as IT-skills, knowledge, critical thinking but also your state of mind. The state of mind is one of the most underestimated factors of your performance. For this reason sport psychology is a booming business: A good state of mind will make the difference between a top or a flop performance. Not only in sports also in your IT-performance.


In my presentation I want to apply this knowledge from sport psychology to make the audience aware of their mental capacities. If you are aware of these capacities you can reach the situation of utmost concentration: the test flow. I will use examples from a well known test situation, during session based testing.


  • How does your state of mind influence the quality of your work?
  • What are your mental capacities?
  • What are the mental tools to influence your mental capacities?
  • How can you use these tools to improve your testing during session based testing?
  • The test flow: what is it and how can reach it?

Ard Kramer is a principal Test consultant at Alten It since 2008. He is focused on new developments in testing and looks how innovations can be used in testing. Therefore he was a speaker at different conferences, such as EuroSTAR, Sigist, Testnet, Expo:QA, CAST and the Belgium Testing Days.

Besides testing he has many years of experience as a sport coach (volleyball). As a sport coach, he must keep up with the latest developments and therefore he followed a course "sport psychology". With this knowledge he saw a connection how to improve as a tester and therefore he wants to present his insights to the testing community.

A Testing Journey to Security

Declan O’Riordan

Some significant events are quickly noticed but their impact is not fully appreciated for many years. Our old models for testing security broke down in the 1990’s when the World-Wide-Web connected browsers to corporate computers that had always relied on perimeter defences. For 25 years, the ‘new’ front line has been the application, but the complexity and rate of change in application security is extremely hard to understand beyond a superficial awareness.

For five years my solution was to devote every possible moment to learning and undertaking application security tasks, then to spread my knowledge to as many colleagues as possible. There have been some successes but the idea doesn’t scale up well and research clearly shows the attackers are gaining ground faster than the defenders (that’s you).

Last year I started to recognize the importance of a technical change that is beginning to transform the fundamentals of testing. The vanguard of this technology has been Application Performance Monitoring (APM), and now it has been extended to Security. Gartner call it Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST). The renewed focus of my efforts has been to raise awareness of this breakthrough and successfully introduce IAST to my clients’ applications. It works in real-time with amazing accuracy, and the sooner you see it the better!

Declan  started speaking at conferences in 2014. Within nine months he’d won the EuroSTAR prize for best conference paper and was voted the ‘do over’ session delegates would most like repeated with ‘The What? Why? Who? And How? Of Application Security’. Declan subsequently won the prize for best conference paper at the USA’s STAR East conference in 2015 with ‘Security Testing: What Testers Can Do’. He works as an independent consultant within a large organisation undertaking a radical reform programme. 

BDD Workshop

Steve Tooke, Cucumber Ltd.

Steve is a software developer, trainer and coach. Passionate about improving his craft and helping others improve theirs. He specialises in helping teams produce business value continuously through improving communication and keeping their code maintainable. BDD is at the core of this process.

Steve has been getting paid to build software since 1997. Throughout his career he has worked with renowned organisations like Coach in a Box, the NHS and for a major UK bank.  Steve is a partner of Cucumber Ltd.

Test better using mobile analytics

Julian Harty

With Mobile Analytics, mobile apps can be given a voice so they can tell their creators how, when and where they’re being used.

These analytics can help us discover how effectively we tested the apps we released. The data can also be used to improve our testing for future releases.

This keynote provides the context for why mobile analytics is vital for the app creators, particularly in this increasingly competitive era of mobile apps, how to pick suitable libraries, and what else we need to consider to do good while protecting the interests of the end users.


Julian helps people improve technology so that it works more and annoys less. He works at all levels of organisations, to help people do better and enjoy their work more. Ultimately his aim is to help reduce and remove barriers to using particularly mobile technologies so people can trust and depend on it and enjoy using them. Over the years he\'s advised and worked for a mix of top technology companies on several continents. He dedicates much of his time helping pilot innovative, practical technology projects for people in the 2/3rds countries of the world. He\'s also written several books (most recently co-authoring the 16th edition of the Mobile Developer\'s Guide to the Galaxy and the Mobile Analytics Playbook), spoken at lots of conferences internationally, and enjoys practical activities including skiing and cycling, and clock repairs.

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The Selenium Web Driver using Java Workshop with  Kiran Puram, Test Triangle is limited to 15 places and places will be assigned on a \'first come first served\' basis.
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