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Post Grad Dip in UX Design Information Session

Thursday 19th May 2022
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Join us for our next information session on UX Design Postgraduate Diploma. 

Thursday 19th May 2022


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Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet
is delighted to comntinue our Academic Series with our Postgraduate Diploma in UX Design.

Join this information session to hear from IADT\\\'s programme director, Dr. Andrew Errity on this strategic Post-grad Diploma & Masters in UX Design Experience.Past participants of programme will also talk about their experience and motivation for joining and the impact its having on their careers. 

Daniel Dowling
recently completed a Post Grad Diploma in UX Design. Read about Daniel’s experience below or on the UX Design page.

These programmes are part funded by Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet and have a blended modes of delivery.

The course comprises of;

  • Fundamentals of UX Design
  • User Research & Interaction Design
  • Psychology, Information Architecture & Visual Design
  • UX Design Strategy and Futures
    Past participants of programme will also talk about their experience and motivation for joining and the impact its having on their careers

For those interested and eligible in joining the Masters programme we can talk through this application process and learning modules also.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Registration is now closed

Visit our Postgraduate Diploma in UX Design Page

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Daniel Dowling recently completed a Post Grad Diploma in UX Design. Read about Daniel\\\'s experience below.


Daniel DowlingCompleting a Post Grad Diploma in UX Design gave Daniel Dowling the confidence boost and skills he needed to secure work as a UX Designer.

Before starting the course, he had more than 10 years’ experience as a Visual Designer and decided to move into UX design, but after an unsuccessful job interview he realised he needed to retrain.


In 2017, he signed up to a Post Grad Diploma in UX Design in IADT through Digital Skillnet who covered 25% of the course fees.


At the time Daniel was working as a Digital Designer in the marketing department in a company in Kerry. Three-quarters way through the course he landed a job as UX UI Designer with Aspen Grove Solutions.


“The course focused on developing a portfolio and worked closely with industry to see what employers were looking for,” explained Daniel. “It gave me the skillset needed to get into the market and succeed. It was much easier to get a job with the portfolio and knowledge from the course.”


The course included people of many backgrounds, including visual, marketing, HR, product owners, developers and graphic designers. With four children, Daniel wasn’t in a position to take  a year off work to study, the part-time option combined with 25% fees covered by Digital Skillnet was the perfect option.


“There’s a major need for UX Designers and a big gap of skills in the market,” says Daniel. “Most people were working full-time and looking to upskill. The part-time course made it possible to learn while continuing to earn a living.”


Earlier this year, Daniel was promoted to UX UI Design Lead and is now running a team of four. “The course taught me everything I need to know to excel at my job. It covered everything from problem identification, user research, personas, scenarios, user journeys, prototyping and finding pain points to designing solutions. The lecturers were very knowledgeable and helpful and with so many different types of people on the course you really have a chance to learn from each other as well.”


For those looking to work in UX design, Daniel says the Post Grad Diploma in UX Design course will help you with the tools needed to succeed. “It gives you the skillset and portfolio to get you seen and the confidence to know you can succeed in getting a role. Most people from my year got jobs in UX, while others were upskilling to understand the role of UX design better. If you are committed to the course and to succeeding then it’s worth doing. It gave me the confidence to present and show my work and it helped me drive my career forward. For me the course paid for itself within a few weeks of getting a new higher paying job.”




Dr. Andrew Errity,  IADT's programme director

Kathryn Cullen, Programme Director at Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet