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Masters in IoT Information Webinar - July 16th

Thursday 16th July 2020
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The Internet of Things is on track to become a phenomenon in the next couple of years and so companies are hurriedly looking to employ people with the skills needed to make it big in the IoT world.


Ireland is a global centre for ground- breaking advancements in IoT. There is a strong demand for IoT professionals, who are competent in the design, development, management and support of IoT systems. To meet this skills challenge, Technology Ireland Software Skillnet has developed, with consultation from industry, a level 9 Masters programme in Electronic and Computer Technology (Internet of Things)

This Masters in IOT programme offers a flexible pathway for busy ICT professionals and engineers to expedite their careers in the Internet of Things (IoT) and develop the IOT expertise required meet the future demands for companies.

Learn more about the programme in detail from our Programme Director, Derek Molloy and how to apply for our upcoming course on July 16th at 4.00pm.


Derek Molloy is an Associate Professor in the School of Electronic Engineering at DCU. He lectures in Connected Embedded Systems, Object-oriented Programming, and Digital & Analogue Electronics at postgraduate and undergraduate levels. His research interests are in the fields of Embedded Systems, Computer & Machine Vision, Graphics & Visualisation and e-Learning. We are delighted to have Derek on hand to discuss our new Masters in IoT Programme available through the Technology Ireland Skillnet.

We are delighted that Paul Sheridan from Accenture Healthcare will join the session also. Paul is working as a specialist consultant on Accenture’s SMART Building integration.

After ten years living and working in the UK I am now back in Dublin, Ireland. I am working with the Accenture Healthcare team to integrate Smart building systems to create the world’s most advanced Smart buildings and facilities. Working at the intersection of design and delivery I represent clients to ensure the building systems when complete are as advanced as the procedures and work that will take place within them. In London I was an Associate Director at WSP. We were involved in numerous projects which reshaped the landscape and skyline of London. I led a tight knit group, working closely to deliver some of the largest and most complex buildings in the UK and the world.

Smart technology and behavioural psychology are both passions of mine. Working with clients I implement design thinking to develop user experiences and understand what a smart building means to each user. In the ever-evolving world of the built environment our relationship with buildings is changing. I am fortunate to be able to drive forward in a field that looks to create a happier, more productive space for the end user and system learning, building analytics and operational efficiency for building operators. For over 19 years I have worked within the built environment beginning as a labourer working my way to qualified electrician, engineer and now specialist consultant."

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