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Workplace Revolution Series - Seminar 5 - May 7th

Thursday 7th May 2020
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Join Technology Ireland Software Skillnet and Sinéad Brady, Career Psychologist and Coach for this 5 part Workplace Revolution series supporting the digital community, business leaders, managers and team leaders to make rapid business decisions, manage stress, foster trust and empower teams.

This suite of programs are evidence led and will be engaging and practical. The themes of each seminar will focus on;

1. Developing a growth mindset (at individual and team level) in times of change

2. Using a growth mindset to lead through that change i.e. effective business decisions, organisational remodelling.
3. Capture the opportunity in the uncertainty

The Workplace Revolution series will focus on the most up-to-date research in work and coaching psychology and will cover a range of topics including: 

Seminar 1 - April 9th: Working from home – How to make it work for you

  • A working from home mindset – setting up your day & week.
  • Cognitive Triggers – starting and finishing off your day.
  • Concentration - Working with kids and partners.
  • Dispelling Myths i.e. to prove you are constantly working, no office hours

Seminar 2 - April 16th: Managing Stress while working from home

  • Cognitive Triggers – Switch on & Switch off.
  • Dealing with urgent matters
  • Controlling situations – being in the war room
  • Emotional Intelligence in Difficult Situations

Seminar 3 -  April 23rd: Communication and Collaboration and Culture

  • Tools that support work and team communication – both tech & leadership.
  • Fostering a culture of trust. 
  • Empathy for colleagues in challenging situations.
  • Motivating others & motivating yourself.

Seminar 4 - April 30th: Future of Work 

  • Decision time…planning for returning to normal.
  • What is friction free flexibility?
  • Is Friction Free Flexibility the way forward for you and your business?

Seminar 5 - May 7th: Digital Policy – Considerations for companies and employees

  • Managing the boundaries between work and life when everyone is working remotely. 
  • Maintaining a culture of communication and collaboration while working remotely.
  • Supporting your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.

The seminar will run for approx 45 minutes. 

Technology Ireland Software Skillnet will also provide one-to-one executive coaching between each seminar tailored specifically towards what you need right now (Registration will open after the first seminar. Attendance at the Workplace Revolution series is mandatory to be eligible).

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