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Digital Foundations Programme for Sports Organisations

Digital Foundations For Sports Organisations

How to harness technology to enhance your mission, teams, players, fan, and membership engagement.

Our "Digital Foundations in Sports" programme is designed to empower sporting organisations to harness the potential of digital technologies, driving innovation, efficiency, and member experience.


Working in partnership with Sport Ireland, The Federation of Irish Sport and SportsTech Ireland, our "Digital Foundations in Sports" programme is designed to empower sporting organisations to

  • harness the potential of digital technologies,
  • driving innovation,
  • employ new digital platforms,
  • increase efficiency, and
  • maximise member experience.

On this programme we will work with you 'hands-on' to provide the instruction, guidance, resources, and direction needed to develop digital plans for your sport organistion and trial new approaches.

Through our work with Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet, initiating practical digital projects, all managed internally by our own staff we have truly revolutionised how we engage with our membership across the country: Events are filling in advance; Membership is increasing at all levels. "
Enda Lynch, Badminton Ireland CEO



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What will you gain?

A set of new digital capabilities, an action plan to apply these back at their desk and a Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet certificate of completion.

Our programme gives participants a structured pathway to achieve essential digital skills and develop a digital-first mindset.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how peers are applying digital technologies in their roles and their organisations, and how you can bring practices back to your desk
  • Understand the “digital first” mindset needed to undertake a digital transformation journey
  • Be able to drive and influence the digital strategy in your sporting organisation

What do we cover on the programme?

Module 1: Becoming a digital organisation

Module 2: Key technologies for SportsTech now  

Module 3: Prepare for the tech coming next

Module 4: Deliver your digital organisation


"Digital Competence had the potential to bring a multitude of benefits to sports organisations, increasing membership, managing membership and regulatory requirements seamlessly and leveraging new income opportunities from their unique insights and data. I would highly recommend this programme to leaders and boards of sports organisations in Ireland."
Cormac O'Donnell Sport Ireland

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How will you learn?

Digital Success Stories and Case-Studies

Throughout the training we explore how other sports organisations have deployed digital platforms and employed new technologies to enhance organisational performance, increase engagement with members and derive value from their datasets.


Digital E-Learning Pathways

Our team have curated reference materials from leading digital content providers to augment the classroom sessions, allowing participants to explore topics at their own pace.


Business Mentoring from Digital Coaches

Each participating organisation will have dedicated one-to-one time with one of our experienced mentors to help apply the classroom concepts to their real-world challenges. We will explain how to wrangle your data, how to derive data-informed business decisions and how automate manual processes. We will come to you and advise you on how best to maximise digital potential for your organisation.


Digital Innovation Sports Challenge

Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet are fiercely proud of our “Just Do It” reputation based on helping our members achieve impactful and sustainable change through a winning combination of technology and training. The Innovation Challenge is a key component of the programme, where we see participants bring their new skills to bear on an area of their organisation, presenting their solutions at the completion of training.

Delivery Mode:                  Hybrid, with in-person and virtual training sessions, presentations and networking events
Classroom Content:         4 Classroom Modules. Each module consists of 4 x 2-Hour Lessons.
Digital Coaching:               3 x 90-Minute Sessions with an experienced digital mentor.

Programme Fees are part funded for particpants from sports and sports adjacent organisations. 


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