Leadership Programme

Leadership Programme
Start Date15th January 2019
Course CodeSS18-65
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Duration4 days
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Programme Overview

This programme should holistically develop the leadership capabilities of the participants, addressing how they lead themselves, others and the business.

The programme should increase their confidence and motivation to lead in their organisations in alignment with the company’s core values; delivery, collaboration, courage and creativity.

Overall, this should be a fun and ‘high impact’ programme encouraging participants to think creatively and building comradery amongst the cohort.
Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes
  • A group of strategically minded managers who proactively step up and lead the organisation
  • Enhanced morale and confidence in leadership capabilities
  • Leaders who are role models and conduits for company mission, values and strategy
  • An inclusive culture of feedback and coaching 
Who should attend
High potential operational and divisional managers and directors. 
Course Content
  1. Programme launch – framing of programme objectives in the the organisational context
  2. ‘Why should anyone be led by you?’ reflecting on own leadership style and presence
  3. Leadership presence, judgement & impact
  4. Developing your EQ – EQ and the leadership role
  5. Mindfulness & Leadership – Practical mindful exercises and their application to own leadership practice
  6. Creating followership: understanding the leader/follower relationship
  7. Building high performance teams
  8. The ‘why’ of performance management, the value of empowering your team
  9. Developing a culture of feedback and coaching
  10. Development Planning
  11. Leveraging Diversity & Inclusion
  12. Global Working; Managing people remotely
  13. Values based leadership
  14. Translating & communicating company strategy
  15. Leadership communication; representing company views
  16. Driving and influencing strategic priorities
  17. Stakeholder management; emphasising the value of outsourced partners
  18. Strategic Challenges immersive experience (Decision-making & Problem Solving)
  19. The leader’s role in change
  20. The interconnected leader; managing networks and relationships
  21. Programme wrap-up
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About the Trainer

Tara Nolan

Tara worked for twenty years with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Morgan Stanley and other global corporations, Tara is keen to support talented leaders improve their personal satisfaction and productivity at work.

Tara works alongside companies, teams and individuals to identify the negative behaviours that frustrate organisational performance and personal fulfilment. Then she goes about changing them.

Tara also works with individual leaders who approach her confidentially with their own challenges to face. They appreciate her empathy and knowledge, built up over many years recruiting the executive leaders of corporations big and small in Europe and the USA