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Connecting companies with talented, motivated and work-ready women returners. Become a sponsored company of our award-winning Women ReBOOT Programme

Since 2017, we have enabled almost 800 tech women returners to step back to Ireland's robust tech sector after a career break. Do you know that a significant amount of our Women ReBOOT participants have advanced qualifications with 42% at honours degree level, 42% at Postgraduate/Masters Degree level? However, only 8% of participants had been interviewed in their job search prior to Women ReBOOT Programme, despite their experience and qualifications.  95% of our women returner graduates attain new accelerated careers through our unique approach. 

The Benefits of Becoming a Sponsored Company 

“Women ReBOOT is a bridge between women and technology employers, which provides the opportunity for women to recommence their careers and opens a new stream of talent for tech employers.”

Maire Hunt, Network Director of Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet


Women ReBOOT activitely addresses the skills shortage in the tech industry by enabling already qualified women to re-enter the workforce after a career break. Companies find experienced and valuable new employees from a cohort that is often overlooked in traditional recruitment practices because of a perceived lack of experience in their CV.

The programme actively enables companies to see the considerable business benefits of employing well-qualified, experienced women returners, such as:

  • We provide new solutions for companies which can idenfity, train, deploy, retain and progress new groups of women for in-demand roles 
  • Have access to new talent pipelines to address the ongoing skills shortage 
  • Improve your gender diversity and inclusion
  • Hiring women returners can bring diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences to the workplace. These individuals often possess valuable skills gained from previous work and life experiences, contributing to a more well-rounded and innovative team.
  • Fostering a supportive environment for women returners aligns with diversity and inclusion efforts, promoting a workforce that reflects a broader range of backgrounds and ideas.
  • Women ReBOOT graduates remain highly sought across the Irish technology sector and work in over 84 companies nationwide.

How to get involved 

Learning and Development managers, get in touch with our team and unlock the potential that lies ahead.

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Companies we have worked with:

Many top tech sector businesses in Ireland are leading the way in the embracing the skills women-returners bring to their organisation, such as Optum, Guidewire, RenaissanceRe, AIB, Version 1, DELL, Workday, to name a few.

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Our Commitment to Gender-balance, Diversity and Inclusion in the Irish Tech Sector 

According to TechNation's recent diversity and inclusion report, just 19% of tech workers in Ireland are women. PwC's Women in Tech report states that only 5% of leadership positions are held by women, with only 3% of women wanting a career in tech.