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Diversity in Tech (Women in Digital Tech)

National Council

Our National Council is the Irish leadership group for companies who recognise the positive business impacts of gender balance in technology. Its role is to create a national forum for business action towards the inclusion, retention, development and progression, of women in digital technology.

Led by Technology Ireland, the representative body for technology sector companies in Ireland, the BDTW National Council provides a leadership forum for ambitious, connected, strategic action by companies which employ women in digital technology.

The Business for Digital Tech Women Council includes senior executives from the SME and FDI sectors in Ireland. It provides a single collaborative business voice for companies which are committed to the creation of inclusive digital tech workplaces which attract, develop and support the advancement of women.



Our Work

Business for Digital Tech Women, enables research, ideas generation and thought leadership, towards ambitious and accelerated action by companies to achieve gender balance in digital technology.

It directs and oversees BDTW actions, programmes and collaborative business initiatives, to achieve our vision. Our initiatives are managed by the Technology Ireland Software Skillnet and supported through funding from Skillnet Ireland, Ireland’s enterprise-led workforce development agency.

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Leadership Working Groups

Our working groups provide a discussion forum and test bed for new initiatives and programmes.

Company Forums

Company Forums provide seminars and workshops for executives to share best practice, access thought leaders and gain current knowledge case studies and insight, on women in the digital technology workplace.

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If you are a company who would like a member of our team to contact you in relation to the National Council, please email


An initiative of Technology Ireland and The Software Skillnet
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